February 18, 2008

Good news for voter registration drives in Ohio

Posted in Elections, politics, Voter ID, voter registration, Voting Rights tagged , , at 5:54 pm by bluebanshee

A federal judge Monday permanently blocked several voter registration requirements that raised a furor before the 2006 elections because many felt they unfairly hindered voter registration  drives.


This ruling might be misunderstood as relating to voter ID requirements but actually it pertains to rules that affect the ability of third-party groups like ACORN to conduct voter registration drives.

They required registration drive workers to register and to undergo training, to list detailed information on each registration form they help with and for every gatherer to turn in forms in person, not through an organizer.

U.S. District Judge Kathleen O’Malley blocked those rules permanently, agreeing with several voters rights groups that they go against the country’s desire to let as many people vote as possible.

On his blog, Bob Bauer notes with evident satisfaction that another disenfranchising initiative with the name Blackwell attached to it has been called out and blocked and further comments:

It is a good note on which to open this Election Day (the Chesapeake Primary is on): a decision affirming that the Constitution protects all phases of the voting process, up to the date of the vote and through the vote count (and any recount). And to have the State of Ohio effectively concede the point is as testament to what a difference a change in administration can make. http://moresoftmoneyhardlaw.com/updates/election_administration.html?AID=1194


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