Help get HR 811 unstuck & safeguard our vote!…

For over a month, we’ve been waiting for the House to vote on critical reform legislation that would ensure ballots are backed by paper records in the 2008 elections.

If we want to make sure the critically important upcoming elections are fair and secure, we need to force the House to vote now.

By requiring a voter-verifiable paper record of every vote cast, the Holt bill can prevent people’s votes from being lost through error or tampering.

Delay is the friend of those who don’t want this issue resolved. Now is the time we must act to MOVE this issue!

The congressional offices DO keep track of phone calls on issues and how many people call . THIS Action will cause movement! We must impress the urgency of passage to allow time for implementation BEFORE 2008!

Dan Rather’s expose found voting machines so poorly manufactured that errors are inevitable.

Please make these simple phone calls (or faxes).

Here’s what to say:
Please move HR 811 to the floor of the US House for a vote, with the Susan Davis amendment to limit the use of Direct Record Electronic (DRE) voting machines included.

1) Your OWN Congressperson
You can call the Capital Hill Switchboard at these toll free numbers and ask to be connected or give your zip code to be connected to your House member’s office. Messages can be left with many 24 hours a day.
1 (800) 828 – 0498 1 (800) 459 – 1887 1 (800) 614 – 2803

2) MAJORITY LEADER The Honorable Steny Hoyer
202-225-3130 or (800) 828 – 0498
fax 202 225-4300

3) US House Rules Committee Office
fax 202-225-6763

Phone: (202) 225-3615
Fax: (202) 225-7822

And if you want to do one more call:
SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE The Honorable Nancy Pelosi
202-225-0100 or (800) 828 – 0498
fax 202-225-8259

Please call these EVERY DAY until the bill is moved and passed! If we cannot get this measure through the House and onward to the Senate so the debate can continue, nothing will change for 2008, and maybe not
even for 2010. We MUST have voter-verified voting systems with paper records and audits!

Here is a quick action alert for Common Cause, who is working to gather 18,000 signatures to Congress — one for every vote lost in Sarasota County Florida last November on paperless electronic
voting machines.

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